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Our Process

Before we draw a single pixel or write a single line of code, we review your business goals to ensure we’ve crafted a plan to achieve them. Whether you’re racing towards a hard deadline, building the first product of its kind or leapfrogging a competitor, we work with you to understand what will make our partnership successful.



We kick-off with the initial brief from you to understand the vision, requirements, preferences and target audience(s)

Initial Research

‍We analyse your existing product (if applicable) to identify features that are working well and others that need improvement


Competitor Analysis

We research your competitors to understand what they are doing well, and identify areas where we might need to learn from them and also zero in on our differentiators

User Research

We conduct qualitative & quantitative user research, and market research in order to identify other gaps and opportunities for the product, as well as for improving the user experience


We churn all the information from the previous steps to prepare our recommendations based on best UX practices, storyline / content and priority

UX Design


We create Personas to empathise with the target users in order to design the best possible user experience for them

User Flows

Create user flows to arrive at the optimum navigation & content consumption experience, as well as brainstorm possible new ideas which might add value from usability / user experience / business value points of view

Priority Diagrams

We get into the details and prioritise each part of the application with a focus on the user’s expectations / requirements


We prepare wireframes of the product and collect feedback

UI Design

UI Research

We study the current trends and prepare examples and suggestions based on the business requirements, target audience and industry

Design Iterations

We finalise the design language based on iterations and client feedback

Design Guidelines

We finalise the design guidelines for consistency

Clickable Prototype

We make the designs seem realistic by making it interactive and test the designs for finding usability issues. (Clickable XD / Zeplin / Figma prototypes for feedback)



We finalise the tech stack and plan engineering sprints


We start building the product and conduct demo days for feedback at the end of each sprint in order to make improvements and catch issues early


We test the product for functionality and errors for a more refined final user experience


Go Live

Once the product is through the testing phase, we move to production infrastructure and prepare for going live!


Post Go Live Support

The only constant is change, and our support teams enable you to continuously improve and grow your product, and take it from strength to strength

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