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Next-Gen Software
At Viamagus, we design & engineer AI Augmented software using our proprietary accelerants. Our pioneering XIE methodology harmoniously integrates User Experience (UX) Design, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Advanced Engineering, crafting not just human-centric applications, but Next-Gen AI Augmented software.
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Human + AI Centric
Next-Gen Software
Traditional Software
Next-Gen Software
Traditional Software
Next-Gen Software
Simplified, intelligent, and designed for tomorrow.
Intelligent Interfaces
Designed & Engineered to blend Human + AI capabilities, enhancing usability, decision making and efficiency.
IP Based Accelerants
Leverage our proprietary solutions to streamline design & engineering
Faster Go To Market (GTM)
Significantly accelerate concept to launch timelines of Next-Gen solutions
Ready to Go Boilerplates
Jumpstart your project with our enterprise-grade boilerplates, designed for speed and scalability
Customized Components
Bespoke, battle-tested components perfected over years for enterprise and SaaS, refined for peak performance
Automation & AI
AI-driven automation & tools used for faster development and consistency
Process & Methodology
XIE: A blend of design, AI, and engineering for next-gen software that stands out
Skilled People
Team of experts, trained in our pioneering methodology & accelerants, ready to transform ideas into real software
AI Augmented Software Interfaces
Fortune 500, Enterprises and Start-Ups
Customized web & mobile solutions, harnessing our XIE methodology for unique, impactful AI Augmented software that drives growth and innovation.
Power Apps
Human + AI Centric Solutions
For Fortune 500 and Enterprises
Human-centric solutions built on the Microsoft Power Apps platform, for rapid digital transformation with modern aesthetics & a flavour of AI.
Experience the power
of our proprietary
Our proprietary accelerants, including enterprise-ready base code, customized components, and AI-based design & code generation tools, enable us to deliver exceptional software solutions.
Enterprise-Ready Base Code
Customized Components
AI-Based Design & Code Generation Tools

Breaking the mold:

Addressing the broken
state of software
In the swiftly evolving world of technology, a glaring truth has come to light: the existing framework of software development is profoundly fractured. Design firms, siloed in their artistic bubbles, create aesthetic visions that often misalign with the functional heartbeat of software. Engineering-centric firms, in their quest for technical supremacy, frequently bypass the essence of human connectivity, creating complex digital mazes instead of intuitive user experiences.

Neglected system states, overlooked scenarios, and unhandled real-world data variations: this gap between design and engineering triggers an endless cycle of revisions, tiresome back-and-forth dialogues, and a stark disconnection in the final product, culminating in a significantly delayed go-to-market timeline. The consequence? A prolonged, inefficient journey from concept to reality, each phase punctuated with compromise and inefficiency.

This fractured process is more than just a challenge; it's a clarion call for change. It is imperative to shift from mere designing and technical execution to the crafting of meaningful, human-centered products. It's time for a new chapter in software development, one that bridges these gaps and redefines the path to innovation – it's time for the transformative power of XIE.

Rising above:

Unleashing the power
of XIE
XIE heralds a new dawn of cohesion and efficiency.
Where once design and engineering were discordant melodies, they now converge into a symphony of user-centric brilliance. XIE's holistic approach ensures that every aspect of software - from the initial sketch to the final line of code - is seamlessly interwoven, ensuring a product that is not only functional but also intuitively resonates with its users.
Streamlined Engineering Process:
XIE bridges the divide between design and engineering teams, fostering a seamless collaboration. This unity translates to reduced friction, fewer iterative cycles, and a significantly smoother development journey.
Enhanced User Experience and Value:
The soul of XIE lies in its commitment to the user. It transcends mere functionality, delivering an enriched, intuitive user experience that adds unparalleled value to each product.
Rapid Market Entry with IP & Accelerants:
Our unique combination of proprietary accelerants and intellectual property catalyzes faster go-to-market strategies, ensuring our creations swiftly deliver value in the competitive tech landscape.
Harnessing Deep Knowledge and Ongoing Innovation:
Rooted in a profound reservoir of design and engineering knowledge, XIE is continually enhanced by cutting-edge research and IP development, facilitating precise and agile execution.
Uncompromised Quality:
XIE's holistic approach addresses potential gaps and oversights, ensuring a high-quality, real-world product that excels in both form and function.
XIE’s impact in action
Tangible results in user experience, productivity, accelerated time-to-market, and heightened product quality, illustrating the practical and powerful impact of XIE in real-world applications
Finance | Lending
“I've loved working with the Viamagus team over the past (almost) two years. It has been as enjoyable as it has been productive. Well-researched UX design, excellent UI design, all carefully managed and executed by a team that's as professional as they are a pleasure to work with.”
Scott McKay, CTO, Kickfurther
Financial Application | Lending
It is a pleasure to work with the Viamagus team, and I couldn't be happier with their approach and clarity of thought. If you need a UX design & engineering partner who would put in time and effort to understand business and deliver top-notch solutions, I highly recommend Viamagus. We continue to collaborate for ongoing application improvements, and it has been great working together.”
Rohith Balakrishnan, CTO, Sahayya
Digital Application | Revenue Analytics
“Viamagus has been working closely with us for our product’s design and development. The team has been incredibly creative, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. They are brilliant at bringing ideas to life and executing them. They have a strong process, and we have been getting great feedback from our users.”
Madhu Puranik, Founder, Revlitix
Next-Gen Software for the co-pilot era
At Viamagus, we leverage our pioneering XIE methodology to redefine the art of creating software. Our methodology integrates Behaviour Science, UX Design, state of the art engineering & AI to create experiences that are deeply human, intuitive, efficient and truly Next-Gen.
User Behaviour Research
Gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.
Create visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces
Ensure seamless user experience through rigorous testing
Front End Engineering
Gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.
Front End Engineering
Gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.
AI Augmented Interfaces
User Behavior
Transforming Human + AI Software Experiences
Discover how Viamagus redefines software creation with our unique blend of UX Design, AI Augmentation & cutting edge engineering.
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